About us

Since the foundation of the company in Munich on November 9, 1984, Finas GmbH is providing services as a tax consultant and auditing company.

Effective as of December 6, 2005, the German Chamber of Auditors confirmed to Finas GmbH its successful participation in the quality control system pursuant to Section 57a of the German Audit Act (WPO) and granted Finas GmbH registration as audit company for quality control for an indefinite period.

With the commencement of the Act on Auditors on June 17th 2016 we were entered as Statutory Auditor according to § 38 WPO into the professional register oft he Aditors‘ Society (until 20.02.2018).

In today's globals economy business relations are not anymore reduced to the home market. Thinking globaly but acting localy - today, more then ever before, it is essential to have the right associates on location. This is why we have decided in 1994 to be a part of the International association INTEGRA INTERNATIONAL, a global association of local independent accounting firms. Today, INTEGRA INTERNATIONAL is an interactive global association represented by more then 100 independently owned and operated member firms located in most major business centers worldwide.

As member of this association, we can offer our clients a global perspective as well as the experience, the local expertise and the locally established cooperation of our respective international associates on sale. Particularly important for our clients is the fact that we know all our associates worldwide personally and we corporate on cross border engagements for years already.

Call us to find out how we can add value to your business on an international level, or get more information about Integra International and our worldwide association of independently owned and operated member firms.

Thanks to our cooperation with Integra-International we can rely on a worldwide association of professional partners, enabling us to react quickly, flexibly, and competently to any problem arising at the international level.

Thus, together with our partners, we are able to guarantee the most adequate solutions in global issues as well.